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Genuine Oregon Mistletoe

Our Huggins Family

Our Story

When I was a child, my father and I came up with the idea to sell mistletoe to raise money at Christmas with the boy scouts. We went door to door selling wreaths, and mistletoe with a simple red bow. It was a very successful and rewarding experience.

Many years later, and falling on hard times, I found myself wanting to provide a better Christmas for my loved ones, so I decided to sell mistletoe again. This time, I began selling it outside of shopping centers and at my father's tree lot. It provided me enough money to give them a wonderful Christmas.

Every year since, I have poured my heart and soul into mistletoe, maintaining a personal touch while guaranteeing local Oregon quality. I continue to offer free local delivery and take pride in working directly with you to meet your needs.

A few years ago, I met Ashley. We fell in love and are now happily married. She loves the holidays as much as I do, and was very excited to join the team to help make Genuine Oregon Mistletoe even better. We now sell mistletoe and holly in bulk and in smaller, retail quantities. We now also provide gift boxes individually or for resale. If you need a lot of gift boxes for resale with our prepackaged mistletoe sprigs, we'd be happy to work with you on pricing.

Ashley's vision for Genuine Oregon Mistletoe is to maintain the personal touch we take pride in while continuing to reach out to those who may wish to share in this wonderful holiday tradition. We are a family based small business and enjoy a personal connection with those we work with.

We didn't start out as an internet based company. We started out by making direct contact with retailers in the local community and plan to keep things that way. However, the internet has become a new way to share in this joyous holiday tradition. For us, it isn't all about the money, it's about bringing joy to other families during the holiday season.

From our family to yours... may your joy be bright and your blessings full!

Garrett Huggins
Genuine Oregon Mistletoe