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Genuine Oregon Mistletoe

(503) 863-9939

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We welcome your orders for bulk mistletoe and holly and your orders for holiday gift boxes here on our website seasonally from after Labor Day to about a week before Christmas each year. We are not prepared to fill small orders during the off-season. We are prepared to fill larger orders at anytime, however, the Eastern Mistletoe of North America that we gather only produces berries around the holidays.


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Privacy Policy

We DO NOT save payment information. We NEVER sell your information and we NEVER share your information with anyone other than our secure payment processor and only for the purpose of completing your transaction.

Damaged in Transit

We accept returns for 'damaged in transit' items only. Damaged items must have been made know to the carrier upon receipt. It should be obvious that there is damage to the box the items were shipped in. Please contact us for more information about returning a damaged shipment.